Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Quick Fitness Update

Last week I started my workout regimen. I said I would workout 6 days a week, but I'm not sure how realistic that is due to having to coordinate my schedule with my Hunny's schedule. Last week was semi-successful. I did make it to Body Combat 2 twice and I absolutely love it! It's very intense and I definitely get the burn I desire. I will be keeping this in my workout routine. I'm sure I will yield some great results. As far as running I didn't get to do this at all! It seemed like there was always something coming up that wouldn't allow me to go. This week I am determined to incorporate running into my workout routine. I even joined Black Girls Run in my area. We are currently trying to set up an evening running schedule closer to where I stay.

After this week I discovered that my eating habits are terrible! I love to snack and even though I said I was giving up snacks this month I broke down and had some chips. Other than that I have been doing fairly well on the no snack challenge. But I splurged on food this weekend. I had pizza, fried fish, KFC, soda, etc. I went grocery shopping and picked up food for the planned meals of the month. I also picked up healthy snacks suck as pretzels and trail mix. I think eating healthy will be my biggest challenge!! Well, this is week one. Wish me luck for week two!

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